What works 4 u? Innovation in sharing of youth mental health treatment info

Wondering what treatments are effective for mental health problems in young people in the real world? Make sure you visit whatworks4u.org to find out what treatments- from therapy, medications to self-help strategies- are being reported as helpful for youth mental health!

WhatWorks4U.org was set up by a team of researchers at the University of Melbourne to allow people aged 12+ to share what mental health treatments have worked for them, and to find out what others have found to be helpful. The site has ratings for the effectiveness of a range of different treatments, even some you might not have thought of such as relaxation, massage and talking about your concerns with others.

The website aims to increase awareness of treatment options and inform treatment decisions based on what has worked for similar other young people, making it a valuable resource, for both young mental health consumers and mental health professionals alike. The website is full of ratings for a range of mental health treatments, including therapy, medications and self-help strategies for a variety of mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.

The website allows young people to share what mental health treatments have worked and learn what treatments other young people have reported to be helpful. Ratings for many different treatments for a range of mental health problems have already been shared by almost 1000 young people in the ‘Learn from others section of the site.

We’d love to make this resource even more valuable, and would love for more young people to contribute by sharing the treatments they have tried for their mental health problems. It’d be great if you could please encourage your clients to share what works for them!

Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest youth mental health treatment info at whatworks4u.org. And please feel free to show the website to your clients, colleagues, friends and family- they might find it interesting and helpful too!



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